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Port Salut conquers the world

One the first French cheese I ever tried was Port Salut. This mild, semi-soft is available across northern France and has recently enjoyed an explosion of popularity in North America. It is pretty easy to find...

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Le Cendrillon: World’s Best Cheese?

    Le Cendrillon Cheese — the world’s best cheese. Or the one voted Best Cheese in the World a couple of years ago. Best Cheese in the World? I don’t know about that. Le...

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A cheese by any other name – Red Dragon or Y-Fenni

I have been a bit of a mustard connoisseur for some time. When I was a wee lad, my parents had friends who had a whole range of weird mustards. My folks were hardcore Coleman’s...

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From Romans to Reislings – Cheshire Cheese

While I tend to be partial to the softer buttery cheese of Italy and France, I am English and so feel obliged to explore so of my harder crumblier native varieties. It is like...

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Quebecoise Delight — La Sauvagine

Canadian cheese has been getting some great reviews and Quebec has a long and storied cheese making history. One company has been getting some rave reviews and so i tracked down one of their...

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A Prairie Gem – Trappist Cheese

I guess when you are cloistered away with nothing to do but chant, feed the pet mouse and peruse a book written totally in Latin, your mind probably turns to many things. What to...

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So why the Cheese Wheel Blog

Why the Cheese Wheel Blog? A couple of years ago, I was watching the Tonight Show and one of the guests was a has-been actress hawking a slimming and exercise book, presumably for has-been...

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