Le Cendrillon: World’s Best Cheese?



Le Cendrillon Cheese — the world’s best cheese. Or the one voted Best Cheese in the World a couple of years ago.

Best Cheese in the World? I don’t know about that. Le Cendrillon is certainly unique. I am sure there will be plenty of fans of the cheese from Quebec, Canada but I, frankly, was a little disappointed…especially given the awards this cheese has won.

Le Cendrillon (or Cinderella…how precious) is a soft ripened, goat’s milk cheese manufactured by La Maison Alexis de Portneuf, of St. Raymond de Portneuf in Quebec. It comes in a triangular shape approximately six inches long. The rind is rolled in vegetable ash, which can be a little heavy…at least on my sample. I removed my rind before eating as I am not a big fan of chunks of carbon (unless it resides on top of a juicy striploin).

The taste is a very distinctive and a bit of a shock. I was expecting something creamy and luscious; something akin to the company’s other cheeses with a complex yet delicate flavour. What I got was a mouth assaulting burst not unlike a strong blue cheese. A very strong and flavourful opening. As the cheese melts, there emerges a very sharp peppery taste. I am not sure if that is in the cheese or from the rind. But it is not a sweet hot flavour like chili, but a biting sharp hit like a peppercorn. As the cheese dissolves on the palette you are left with a salty, slightly sour and almost soapy after taste.

I am not selling you on this I can tell.

I am all about the experience and like to try anything new and different. This fit that bill but I am not sure I’ll be running out for more. I found the ash overpowered the rest of the cheese, which perhaps gives it the distinctiveness but it’s not to my taste. Still, some people most have liked it as it has won awards. So my recommendation, if you see a round of it on offer, give it a go but save your money and go for the La Sauvagine.


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