So why the Cheese Wheel Blog

Why the Cheese Wheel Blog?

A couple of years ago, I was watching the Tonight Show and one of the guests was a has-been actress hawking a slimming and exercise book, presumably for has-been actresses and others. As you do.

During the interview, our Hollywood tie rack railed vociferously about the evils of cheese. Cheese!  How typically American of her, I thought. Take something that people have eaten for thousands of years, and just because your culture chooses to make cheese out of extruded oil, food colouring and wax and melt it on everything, you slam everyone else’s food pleasures. Rant over.

So, then-and-there, I decided to enjoy cheese as much as I could and has-been be damned. I resolved to explore the numerous varieties, styles and expression of cheese. And what an enjoyable journey it has been.

I decided to share some thoughts, opinions and ideas about the great world of cheese, continue to explore all things cheesy, hopefully inject a little humour here and there, post a few recipes, visit a few cheese meccas, and introduce a few new cheese varieties to those who are interested.

Hope you enjoy the site and comments always welcome.

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