Atribo is a web-based software that support advice-based businesses to distribute a wide range of corporate actions, deals and offers to Investors.

Using our years of experience delivering over 500 electronic corporate actions, Reach has developed Atribo for banks, broker firms, alternate investment issuers and wealth businesses.

Atribo has a powerful and complex corporate action distribution system that draws information from existing data sources to allow Advisors to provide a personalized approach to individual Investors and still benefit from a systematic approach to processing participation.

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An investor applying for shares via a Computershare Corporate Action website.

Reach Atribo delivers


Bank-grade software with a modular format that fast tracks distribution and response collection


Cascading user modules that cater to the needs of management while simplifying processes for Networks, Branches and Advisors


Simple, easy to use 'New Offer' set up tools for building offer micro-sites and eComms


Management of multiple Allocation Pools and Expressions of Interest (EOI) Bid processing


Automated management of acceptances, allocations, refunds and scale-backs


Live-action analytics and dashboards that help Branches and Advisors to manage their time and workload efficiently


A user module for Institutional Sales Management with the same tool sets for time and workload management


Compliments the tele sales activities and automates follow-up and compliance

What will the Atribo Deals Management Technology do for you?

It lowers the cost and risk profile of distributing corporate actions

It maximizes the uptake of all corporate actions

It provides peer-through visibility of any project, including Branch and Advisor performance, allocation pool distribution, Investor response and payment processing

It automatically builds order books, converts EOIs to cash, and prioritizes investor pools

It onboards new investors and ensures regulatory compliance

Gives tools for Branch Managers and Advisors to maximize the value of their direct engagement with Investors and lets them visually see where they need to focus their attention

Saves time through automated reminders and follow-up for Investors and the channel

Eliminates the use of paper distribution
(or complements)